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We are a leading hospitality business school with entrepreneurship and sustainability at our heart. Drawing from nearly 40 years of experience and the pioneering ethos of César Ritz, we provide students with a multi-campus learning experience. We foster a culture of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership, in an inclusive learning environment that values independent, visionary thinking through the application of the latest research and technology.

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The customer is never wrong

Born in 1850 in a small village in Switzerland, César Ritz used his creativity and innovative spirit to write hospitality history. Working hard in the restaurant and hotel industry, he was able to move up the ranks. Intelligent, agile, eager to learn, and decisive, he was the master of difficult situations and was known for his incredible memory of guests and their needs.

He famously coined the phrase, “The customer is never wrong."

He went on to manage and buy hotels, always introducing bold innovations. His most prestigious accomplishment was creating and running the Ritz Paris Hotel, an unprecedented example of comfort and elegance. It was there he met his lifelong friend and business partner Chef Auguste Escoffier.

César Ritz was a pioneer, who thought outside the box to create standards of service and excellence that defined and invented the luxury hospitality industry. That entrepreneurial spirit guides our entire experience, from the ambition of our students, to the way we nurture the next generation of visionaries.

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Nurturing strong industry relationships

Key partnerships with industry leaders ensure that our programs remain relevant and reflect latest trends and insights.
Our industry partners contribute to the creation of academic programs, hold guest lectures on campus,
and host visits to their premises to provide students additional insights into real-life operations.

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At César Ritz Colleges, our teaching includes creativity, innovation, and understanding of risk, a sense of responsibility, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives.

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Tanja Florenthal

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These play an essential role in the reputation and quality of César Ritz Colleges programs.

Swiss Education Group

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We are part of Swiss Education Group – an alliance of internationally-celebrated schools that specialize hospitality, business, and culinary arts. As a César Ritz Colleges student, you will join a global community of students and alumni where you can share advice and uncover new opportunities. Our graduates go on to build successful careers across a wide range of industries, providing you with an invaluable network.